The 3 Best Entry Level DSLR Cameras

A digital camera is a must-have accessory and if you enjoy clicking pictures, you are sure to love a DSLR camera. DSLR cameras are far more superior to the regular compact point and shoot (P&S) cameras as they have a much larger sensor that provides you with better quality images. These DSLR cameras for beginners… Continue reading The 3 Best Entry Level DSLR Cameras

Top 3 luxury Electric Cars

Environment friendly, convenient, and cost effective are some of the adjectives commonly given to electric cars. These cars provide many more benefits to their owners and environment as compared to the gas powered cars. If you want to cut down on fuel expenses and support the common good of serving the ecosystem, you can certainly… Continue reading Top 3 luxury Electric Cars

Top 3 Android Tablets

With so many tablets in the market nowadays, it is hard to choose a good tablet that fits your needs. Android tablets are the best choice as they have a wide variety of applications and features. Here is a brief look at tablets from Android you could choose from as at November 2013:   Google… Continue reading Top 3 Android Tablets

The best i7 Desktop Computers

With the emergence of sleek, slim laptops, many people quit using desktop PCs. However, don’t stop using your desktop PC just yet, the new i7 desktop computers are to die for with their stunning features and affordable prices. Let’s take a quick look at the top 3 i7 desktop computers and their features. Dell Inspiron… Continue reading The best i7 Desktop Computers

Top 3 productivity Apps for Androids

These days, mobile devices are not just about having voice communications. Powerful productivity tools have been integrated in today’s mobile device, which makes it just like a personal computer of the user. You can now transform your interesting gadget into an indispensable assistant by installing a lot of productivity tools in it. This article discusses… Continue reading Top 3 productivity Apps for Androids

Great High Performance Laptops

Searching and shopping for laptops is a quite difficult task. The various kinds of laptops available in stores and online shops are enough to spin your mind before you buy one. Most of the people have an idea of the features and looks they want in their laptop; however, we are often overawed by the… Continue reading Great High Performance Laptops

TOP 5 plugins to have for WordPress

WordPress is the most powerful and popular content management service which powers thousands of websites in the world. WordPress is also used for quick publishing of blogs and ecommerce sites and as a result has been on top for many years now. With the evolution, wordpress has also gained popularity in the programming world and… Continue reading TOP 5 plugins to have for WordPress

Top 3 3D Printers for Home Use

A new and advanced level in the domain of printing has come to our use with the arrival of 3d printing technology.  A 3d printer simply follows a digital pattern on a computer aided design (CAD) to print or create objects in the real world using plastic filaments completing 1 layer at a time. If… Continue reading Top 3 3D Printers for Home Use

The Latest Technology – 11 Mobile APPs for Business

The use of technology in business is unmeasurable, every day we find new ways of using technology to accomplish different business tasks.  Due the increased use of mobile devices and technology by consumers, many businesses are integrating mobile technology into their business activities, this latest technologyin the mobile industry can be used in so many… Continue reading The Latest Technology – 11 Mobile APPs for Business