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New Technology in the Mobile Industry

The Best Android Smartphones of 2013

These Android smartphones are the best that came out in 2013. They are high-tech and carry the latest Android 4.4 KitKat operating system

Top 10 Apps Every Woman Should Have on Her Smartphone

Greats apps that every woman will want to have on her smartphone. Are you making full use of your smart phone? Check the list out.

Upcoming iPhone 6- Rumored Features and Specifications

A look at the rumored features and specs for iPhone 6 for all those apple fanatics, we don't have long again to wait till its release.

Windows Phone 8.1-Beginning of a New Era?

Microsoft and Nokia really tried to evolve the operating system in order to appeal to a larger crowd and therefore we saw the birth of Windows Phone 8. Lets check it out

Top Five Phones of 2013

Every year, smartphones have gotten better,and this year they have evolved into mobile powerhouses. Take a look at the best phones of 2013.

Lifeproof Phone Protection

Get yours now @Amazon click here We've all heard of it. The best of the best of the best cases available for our expensive gadgets. Whether...

3D Iphone Camera- Poppy 3D

Poppy 3D is a simple device that connects with your iphone. It requires no batteries or any major intelligence to operate yet the results...

Is it Worth Getting an iPhone Upgrade?

Every year, a new iPhone is released - it has better hardware, a slimmer form factor, and often a new software update to go...

Best Android Device for the New Year(2014)

Looking for the best Android device for your own needs can often be a little difficult. There are dozens of brands, each with their...

ASUS Padfone Infinity Review

Despite not catching the eye of the mainstream smartphone audience over the past few years, ASUS haven’t given up with their ergonomic and transforming...