5 Best Business Apps For Small Business

Starting a business is a dream every one gets at a certain point of life, we all want that freedom of making decisions and work when we want to, get rid of those highly demanding jobs which pay us less compared to the amount of time we invest in. Starting a your own business is a great move which will led you to financial freedom , but also owning a business is more challenging than having a JOB.



:- Technology for Small Business – 8 Recommended Technologies
:- Technology for Business – Top 100 Business Technologies

Since the task is overwhelming, Apple has gathered the most useful business apps which can be of great benefit to you and your small business. All of these Apps are for sale, but the good news is that they come at an affordable price. Below I have listed 5 Best Business Apps For Small Business owners. 


  1. 1.      Invoice2Go: You can easily save time and do more creative things in your small business while this App takes care of the hard tasks. Invoice2go is a very easy to use App for invoicing, creating estimates, billing, collecting and report. You can easily create an invoice via your iphone or ipad then email it directly to your customer. This App comes with over 20 invoice templates from which you can choose from and you can easily customize these built-in invoicing templates and insert the Logo of your business so that your invoices look professional. Before you send an invoice, you can preview them as a PDF files.  GET THIS APP HERE >>>>


  1. 2.      Docusign Ink: This mobile app has made document signing a very easy process. As a small business owner you will find your self partnering with various business people and related small businesses or big well established businesses, however, you will need to sign documents to seal a partnership, so if the company or partner you’re working with they’re out of reach or overseas, you can simply draft a partnership document and send it to them via your mobile phone with your digital signature, and they will also have a section to write their signature. The same process applies to your customers. This is a must have app that will save you time and also eliminate the need to printing, faxing and mailing documents. GET THIS APP HERE >>>>


  1. 3.      Bento 4 for iPad – Personal Database: The main use of a Database is to securely store data. So now as a small business owner, data is a very essential thing, you will always depend on that data to complete certain tasks. This Application will help you organize business contacts, track projects, plan business events, manage multiple lists and much more. With its powerful drag and drop tools, you can easily organize data, you can also use its highlighted searching to find important data in your personal data base on your iPad. The App comes with over 25 ready-to-use database templates which you can easily customize basing on your needs. GET THIS APP HERE >>>


  1. 4.      Concur: As your small business starts growing, you will find your self traveling all the time, so you will need a mobile application which can help you track your expenses and also stay productive on the go. You can easily track business travel and manage expense reports at anytime from anywhere using this Concur mobile application. So you don’t have to be on a PC or Laptop all the time filling business expenses, simply do it with your Andriod Phone. It is very essy to use, for example, you can take a picture of a receipt then add it to your expenses and submit. GET THIS APP  HERE >>>>


  1. 5.      Delivery Status Touch: This mobile application works as a package tracker. You can easily keep track of your business packages using this application; this will help you know when they will arrive and it will also save you time during the process of tracking both your packages and those for your clients. The application has a countdown timer which will show you the estimated time remaining for your package to reach your office or preferred destination. Delivery status supports various services which include; DHL , TNT , FEDEx , USPS, Royal Mail and much more. You can use its built-in map to see the physical location of your package or shipment. GET THIS APP HERE >>>>

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