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Building an Enterprise is Not That Tough!

Starting up in the world where the type of IT infrastructure you choose will determine the success of your business can be the reason that will make or break your business idea. While most enterprises spend most of their time and effort to rectify the issues with an IT infrastructure, most companies still believe in struggling to reach to the top. Yet, that may be so, if the choice of putting the services offered can transferred onto the cloud. With an efficient model that delivers Infrastructure-as-a-service or IaaS, and its subsequent applications such as SaaS and PaaS, one can optimize business strategies on a futuristic hybrid IT environment. We discuss how enterprises should ensure that the cloud services are seamlessly integrated with legacy infrastructure and various practices in order to be more of a service aggregator than a provider.

How the cloud can deliver a silver lining to your enterprise

Scalability, customer satisfaction, and unique framework is all one will need to deliver solutions to one the cloud. Yet, the ability to deliver these unique benefits will determine on the management of you cloud from the technological support you choose. Companies need to ensure that to be poised as the companies or enterprises of the future they will need to have complex IT environments with the successful amalgamation of people, processes and technology.

Here’s what companies should envision in the future:

  • Ability to design and create private clouds that are scalable while existing on hybrid cloud architectures
  • Building one’s own hyper-efficient data centres that are based on the latest power, with cooling and advanced cloud technologies
  • Having the ability to conduct complete visibility and control over the underlying hybrid IT infrastructure
  • Bringing cloud services, other managed services and legacy environments within one umbrella.
  • Ensuring that one can manage SLAs and other OLAs provided from multiple service providers.
  • Providing a unified self-service catalogue that ensures infrastructure service provisioning with the ability to meter, bill and take-on chargeback capabilities
  • It’s important to comply with regulatory requirements that are required in the hybrid IT landscape

Partnering with a noted technological consultant to upgrade your prevailing IT infrastructure on the cloud requires significant study of the right solutions available in the space. Conduct a thorough study of the most available platforms available on the cloud by prominent technological majors in the field.

HCL Technologies has managed IT infrastructure operations for more than 250 customers over the past two decades. They have innovative tools and services that can transform your infrastructure and architecture to keep pace with changing business demands.

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