This is How BMW Electric MINI Cars will Look Like

If you still don’t know, BMW has been working on zero-emission MINI car set to reduce car’s environmental impact. The German carmaker has made public the concept of its MINI Electric car which is scheduled to hit the roads as soon as 2019. The revelation was made during the Frankfurt Motor Show.

The unveiling follows a July announcement that Oxford, England is the company’s preferred destination to build the models.

How will it be designed?

Despite BMW having hidden details of the much-hyped car, the exterior is deemed to resemble the classic 3-door MINI. This, the company hopes, will bring onboard style and individual flair as opposed to its competitors.

“This vehicle is designed in such a manner that it will support an urban kind of transportation in a MINI style,” said the BMW-owned MINI. Additionally, this is just a precursor to more volume production to follow after success is achieved.

The MINI brand is characterized by “style, fun, and individual flair and that’s what we seek to bring into electro-mobility.”

The car’s roof is decorated in yellow while the highlights are large to make it assume the appearance of a standard MINI. Generally speaking, this concept is a modification of the 2008 presentation.

Arriving at the 2008 model entailed the production of 600 cars all of which underwent field tests to offer insight into the company’s first electric car – the i3. It had a speed of up to 150 Kmph and could accelerate to a maximum of 100 Kmph from 0 Kmph in just 7.2 seconds.

Since the zero-emission MINI car runs on an electric motor, it doesn’t need a grille which is normally used in facilitating cool air flow. The result is a bonnet which swoops downwards to better the aerodynamics of this car.

Nothing was said regarding the possibility of using driverless options. However, Peter Schwarzenbauer, BMW board director, has from time to time said that the brand is focused on autonomous technology just like its competitor.

Ban on diesel and petrol vehicles

The timing of this announcement couldn’t be any better. It comes a time when the UK made it clear that it would place a ban on diesel and petrol car selling starting 2040. This decision is in line with the German, France and the Netherlands one.

Having acquired the MINI brand in 1994, BMW has moved on make tremendous progress in this industry. Today, the company is viewed as the pioneer of electric technologies as evidenced by models like the i8 sports car.

It is also excavating in neighboring areas such as Vision Next 100, a car capable to shift its shape and predict your moves.

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