Best Electric Cars That You Can Drive Right Now

Electric cars are getting more and more popular each day, and that trend looks like it won’t slow down, at least in the foreseeable future. One of the problems related to electric car industry is the fact that potential buyers often don’t know if a particular model is already available for purchase, or is it just open for preorders, with the delivery date placed sometimes at the end of this year, or even in 2017. Because of this potential issue, we gathered some of the hottest electric cars that you can buy and drive right now, although some models are available only in selected markets for now.

The price wasn’t one of the variables we took into account during the making of this list; meaning that you can find both low-end models and high-end luxury sedans. Also, since all-electric cars aren’t really in abundance, we decided to include both hybrids and all-electric models. The prices shown are the average prices for each particular model. Stay with us and find out which electric cars managed to enter the list!

 Chevrolet Spark EV

Chevroler Spark Electric Cars

Spark EV is available for more than two years, and it looks like a perfect first electric car for anyone wanting to throw away shackles of gas independence. It’s compact, perfect for urban areas; it has nice handling and because it is an all-electric vehicle, storage, and passenger space is abundant if we take into account its compact size.

Spark EV is offered at the price of around $26,000, pretty low for an all-electric vehicle, and has a range of 82 miles. While this might look pretty low, 82 miles range is quite good for people living in urban areas; you can drive to work, get back, and even have some juice left to drive to the store, or for a night out, and get back, all with just one charge. And, while talking about charging, Spark EV can be fully charged in seven hours on 240 volts. Another option is using a fast charging unit that costs around $750; for that amount of money you’ll speed up the charging process to just 20 minutes, meaning that, with a fast charger you can fill up batteries many times per day. All in all, Spark EV look like one of the best electric cars available, and although its design can leave much to be desired, it is still an excellent choice.

Nissan Leaf

Nissan LEaf Electric Cars

Another model that’s been around for a while, Nissan Leaf is one of the first all-electric cars that were sold exclusively in electric flavor (most other models were offered in a combination of all-electric, hybrid, or just gasoline-powered variants). Although the car seems tiny, it has plenty of room for passengers and a pretty big trunk space.

The design is a little bit over-the-top, but with a range of 84 miles Leaf could be considered as a good choice if you’re looking for an electric car that you can charge once per day. The not-so-good feature is the fact that Leaf needs to be charged for 8 hours before the battery is full, and without a quick charge option, this could be a big problem for the majority of drivers. Nevertheless, with its relatively low $30,000 price tag, Nissan Leaf is a good choice and one of the best electric cars currently available.

BMW i3

BMW i3 Electric Cars

i3 looks nice, has a range of 81 miles, which doesn’t seem so good but because i3 is offered with an optional gas engine that can extend the range to 150 miles, its total range is impressive. Another good side of i3 is its charging time. You can fill up the battery to a hundred percent in just three hours, meaning that i3 can be charged multiple times per day, easing your range-related worries.

I3 looks really nice; it has that futuristic feel, a feat that should be part of all electric cars. It has plenty of room inside, and is relatively fast, with the 170-hp electric motor. It can go from 0 to 60 in just 6.5 seconds, like a true BMW. And as with all BMW’s, the price is higher than with the competition. The basic model, without the gas engine, costs around $44,000; if you want to extend your range, you’ll have to add another $3850, which is ok because that small gas engine will give you almost 70 miles more than the all-electric variant.

Ford Focus Electric

Focus Electric Cars

Ford Focus, one of the bestselling models coming from Ford, also has an all-electric variant. As with its gas-powered brother, the car is relatively cheap, with a price of $30,000 for the basic package. It offers not so good range of 76 miles before the battery goes empty, but the engine powering it saves the day. With 143 horse powers, Focus Electric can give you plenty of power.

Car’s battery can be filled up in around three and a half hours at 240 volts, a solid score, not the best but far from being the worst. The car is spacious, bigger than most models we presented, so at least you won’t fear will there be enough place for groceries; will the car have enough juice to get you home is a completely another type of problem. All in all Ford Focus Electric is one of the best electric cars available, it has a low price, plenty of space, and is relatively fast. The only problem is the limited range, but the new 2017 model should solve that with its improved 100-mile range.

Volkswagen e-Golf

VW e-Golf Electric Cars

Golf is one of the famous car models all around the world. Its worldwide popularity is well deserved, Golf was always considered as a relatively cheap model that offers quite a lot for the money and new e-Golf don’t disappoints. It is offered at a starting price just below $30k ($29815), which is a great price for an all-electric vehicle. Five doors, recognizable interior design, and a range of around 90 miles put e-Golf on the high place in the battle of electric cars.

The engine has 115-hp, just enough for most urban areas; the bad side is that e-Golf has to be connected to a charger for almost the whole day before its battery is full. Luckily VW offers a quick charge option that’ll reduce charging time to a respectable three and a half hours. E-Golf sure is one of the best choices if you’re looking for an affordable all-electric car.

Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S Electric Cars

You can’t make a list dealing with electric cars without a model from Tesla. Tesla Model S is currently top of the line all-electric car. A top variant called P90D has an incredible 294-miles range, much higher than any other model presented in this list. The problem is that Model S comes in many variants, and all of them have different range, so be careful if you decide to get one; basic model, dubbed 70, will give you a range of 234 miles, which is still better than all other models presented here.

The price is pretty high; Basic model sells for around $70000, and if you want more features and a bigger range, you’ll have to pay even more. Charging the car can be a real chore; if you want the battery to be fully charged you’ll have to wait around 10 hours, but if you choose to install a quick charge system ($1500), it will lower charge time to a bearable 5 hours. Although Model S is quite expensive it offers incredible range, luxury interior, plenty of space, a quick charge system, and company’s own Autopilot system, making it a top model in electric cars world.

Toyota Prius

Prius Electric Cars

Same as with Tesla, you can’t make an electric cars list and not include Toyota Prius. The car that started it all, the best-known electric car is still alive and kicking. It can be bought for just $25,000, it has five doors, space for five people, big trunk, and a signature design.

Prius is the only hybrid on this list, and it is quite economic; it averages around 44 mpg, but if only used in urban areas it can go up to more than 55 mpg. All in all, with the combination of gas engine and an electric one, you gas expenses will be noticeably lower with Prius. Since it is “just” a hybrid, the price doesn’t seem as low as it could, but for its price you can’t find an all-electric car.

These seven models are the best that electric cars industry can offer right now. It seems that electric cars are getting more popular and that in about ten years from now most cars will be offered in all-electric flavors. Until that happens, you’ll have to agree to some compromises if wanting to be more eco-friendly. Higher price, long charging times and a limited range can be problematic for people who travel a lot, but if your average day includes going to work and back, driving to a grocery store and a periodical night out, all of these cars can be a good choice. Thanks for reading and feel free to check our other articles!

Goran has a B.A in psychology, but never really went that road. He likes everything about video games, technology, Sci-Fi and science. Freelancing for almost a year, he tries to bring his readers something interesting and engaging every time.

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