4 Best Education Technology Trends Coming To Your Classroom

Without doubt we shall see countless new technologies for education this year, some of these educational technologies are advancements of old educational technologies, while others are completely new. The main aim of technology in education is to simplify how students learn and how teachers teach and collaborate with their students. Teachers can easily connect with their students using SMS technology, it is very easy to send bulk text messages to your students, teachers can use Text messaging services like REMIND101.COM  to text their students and remind them about course work , topics to read about , remind them about upcoming tests or exams. School administrators can also use text messaging technology to keep staff and students informed about any important event.

You will find that almost 70% of all college students own smartphones, so it is a good idea if schools and teachers use SMS communication technologies to stay in touch with their students. Though their is a debate onthe use of cell phones in classroom and schools some educators think that cell phones should be banned in schools because of the distraction they bring, but on the other hand, cell phones are becoming the best technologies for communication. In my opinion, i think, schools and teachers have to put guidelines on how to use cell phones at school and in the classroom. Rules should be set to control the usage of cell phones in classroom, for example; – (1) Texting while in the classroom should be banned, (2) All cell phones should be off during classroom hours.


:- 8 New Emerging Educational Technologies For Students and Teachers

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Below I have listed some new educational technologies which are about to come to your classroom:

  1. 1.     Educational Colorimeter Kit:

Science students, this Educational Colorimeter Kit is about to come to your classroom. It is a kit for making a programmable colorimeter for analytical chemistry and biochemistry labs and activities. This scientific colorimeter kit can be of great benefit to educators, science students and DIY scientists.

So, what is a colorimeter?

A colorimeter is an analytical device used in science laboratories to measure the concentration of a solution. Colorimeters can be used in so many ways.

For example:

  • To measure water quality by testing water parameters such as turbidity, pH, water hardness and much more.
  • To measure nitrogen cycle by testing the amount of ammonia nitrate.

Learn more here:

  1. 2.     Playsurface:

This is a multi-touch computing table created by Len White. Unlike other touchable tables, this one comes at an affordable price and it has unique functions which can boost the way you learn. Basically this technology is good for kids, so kindergarten schools, be ready for this Playsurface multi-touch computing table. It is designed for masses, which means, many students can use it at the same time to perform various tasks. It is a Gamification technology designed with a purpose of entertaining kids as they learn.

So, what can you do with a Playsurface?

As an educator, you know that integrating Gamification technology in your classroom will increase student’s participation and performance. You can use this Playsurface to play educational games, browse the web, play educational Youtube Videos with your students. Actually, you can do everything you do with a desktop computer on this Playsurface.

Get Playsurface here: www.playsurface.org

  1. 3.     Jaja

Both teachers and students use iPads in classroom. iPads are so flexible , light and easy to interact with. This Jaja technology is a pressure sensitive stylus for iPads. It is accurate and effective, it comes with two button menu control and it has no wires which makes it easy to use.

This pressure sensitive tool will allow you to draw realistic sketching; it is a good technology for teachers. If you want to see the effect of this technology, use a smart collaborative white board, then connect your iPad with the smart white board using blue-tooth technology, then start drawing sketches on your ipad, these sketches will automatically be derived to the smart board and all your students will be in position to see the sketches. It is a good technology for art & design classrooms.

Jaja comes in various colors, so you can choose a color of your choice, see picture below:

Learn more about Jaja here:

  1. 4.     Spectrum Tool Suite:

Students with Autism always have trouble learning, they tend to be sensitive and shy so they rarely interact with other students. To teach a child with Autism, you have to be very patient with them and you have to avoid being emotional. This Spectrum Tool Suite was designed to integrate the tools required to educate a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder using a simple easy to use interface.

Learn more about this Spectrum Tool Suite here.

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