Best Android Apps – April 2016

Play Store is growing every day, every hour, there are numerous new apps getting released regularly. Because of this, it’s often hard to find new, quality apps; there are just too many new ones, and downloading and trying them all could be a real chore. If you work, live a normal life, there’s also a lack of free time to check them all. But don’t worry, we found some really cool new apps, and will share them with you. Some are free, some are paid, but all of them can be really helpful or just fun to use. Stay with us and discover which new apps got on our April 2016 best android apps list. While most of them (probably) won’t stay for too long on your device, we are certain you’ll find a couple that will take their place in your app drawer. So, let’s start.

Reddit: The Official App

REddit Official app Best android apps

Despite its huge popularity, Reddit didn’t have an official app, until now. After months of testing the official Reddit app is available for download on Google Play Store. The design is minimalistic, perfectly in line with new versions of Android, the app is fast, stable, and the download size is a measly 6.6 MB. It’s designed to over time be more and more customized just for you, the app learns what subreddits you follow, where your upvotes end up, giving you a personalized Reddit experience, much better and much more convenient when compared to visiting Reddit on your mobile web browser.  For all these features, Reddit app certainly deserved a place in our April 2016 list of best Android apps.

 Classical Radio

Classical Radio best android apps

Some of the best Android apps come in the form of music apps. There are players, streaming services, and radios. But, streaming apps and radios have one general shortcoming – poor choice of classical music. Yes, there are numerous pieces of classical music on Play Music or Apple Music, but you have to spend lots of time to discover them, and making your own ultimate classical playlist can really be a bore. On the other hand, TuneIn and Pandora radio apps don’t have many stations featuring just pure classical music. This is where Classical Radio comes in. Strongest feature of this nice app is a choice between more than 40 channels playing only classical music. You can choose between periods, composers, instruments used in compositions, and more. The design is stunning, everything is within hand’s reach, and download size is 30 MB. The best thing about the app is that is completely free. All admirers of classical music should check it out.

Recolor – Coloring Book

Recolor Coloring Book best android apps

Ok, some of you might wonder why we chose a coloring app in our best android apps for April. Well, it can really calm you, just coloring pictures like in childhood, and with some creativity, you can make some proper miniature masterpieces that can look beautiful. Also, coloring apps saw a rise in popularity in recent months, people probably got bored with numerous free-to-play games for which you have to pay a certain amount of money just so you can play them normally. Recolor, on the other hand is free and guarantees you plenty of creatively spent time while making your own versions of over 700 coloring pictures that are available. App is perfect for coping with stress of your everyday work, download is just 35 MB large, and with it, your creativity will find a place where it can shine. Don’t miss it, and definitely, check it out.

Just File Manager

Just FIle Manager_tn

Many file managing apps coming with android smartphones just aren’t enough for any kind of power use. Design is often mediocre, the number of options available underwhelming, and generally, they just take storage space. Because of that many Android users download third-party file manager as soon as they activate their new phone. One of those file managing apps that can completely replace (and be better) your default file manager is Just File Manager. Beautiful minimalistic design, three skins to choose from, download size of only 6.2 MB, and many options that are easy to use and to find are some of the reasons why you should try it. On the other hand, there are too many ads, and the app doesn’t support multiple tabs. If you don’t need these features, Just File Manager can be a great addition to your app library. If you like no ads experience and want multiple tabs support, Total Commander is still the number one choice.

Encode: Learn to Code

Encode Learn To Code best android apps

This is the ultimate app for all of those who want to learn basics of programming, but don’t want to view all those numerous, and long, tutorials, or just want to learn on the go. It offers some basic lessons and challenges, perfect for the learning while out of the house, you don’t have to spend hours on hours watching videos, and the addition of challenges will make you use your newly gathered knowledge in solving real programming problems. Really unique app that can teach you basics of programming, skill that is wanted more and more in today’s world. Although design isn’t really a sight to behold, and there are no intermediate or advanced lessons, Encode is certainly one of the best android apps; apps that actually help you learn something new are scarce, making Encode a real hidden gem of Play Store. Download size is just over 3 MB, so nothing stops you entering interesting waters of coding.


Giphy best android apps

For all GIF lovers, Giphy will become an app to hold on to. It went live this month after spending some time in the form of an extension for Facebook Messenger. Now, its main negative side, the need for having Messenger installed, no longer exist. Search for GIFs, share them, browse numerous categories, and see what’s trending. Many options, keyword-based search, and ease of use are all good reasons for getting this app. There are so many categories that everyone can find a perfect GIF for any (and we mean literally any) kind of situation. Giphy is free and light on your memory with download size being just 6.5 MB. There are no reasons to not check out this app; well, unless you don’t like GIFs.

Yahoo Esports

Yahoo Esports best android apps

Esports became a serious industry; with numerous tournaments, huge prizes, millions of gamers want to know all about its world. And now Yahoo released an app that will do just that. Yahoo Esports is basically a live score app for the world of Esports. Video highlights, live coverage of events, interviews, news, scores, it has it all. Design is nice, the app is really easy to use, install size is 15 MB, and with it, you’ll never be left uninformed when it comes to Esports scene. Definitive choice for all Esports fans, you’ll hardly find an app better than Yahoo Esports, making it (currently) one of the best Esports related Android apps.

Always On: Ambient Clock

Always On Ambient Clock Best android apps

One of the best features on most Nokia WP smartphones was Glance Screen. It enabled you to always have the clock and notifications show on your screen when the screen was off. This feature was introduced on Android a while ago when LG G5 and Samsung Galaxy S7 (S7 Edge) got released. Now, it is available for any Android based smartphone. When turned on, it will show you the time, battery level and notifications while screen is off. Really handy app that will be used by many. After all Glance Screen was one of the best features on WP. The only downside is that you have to own a phone with AMOLED screen because only this technology can keep only a portion of display working. If used with LCD displays, although I don’t look that way, the whole screen will be on, draining your battery in a matter of hours.

This was our List of best Android apps for April. There were many new apps, but we picked just the ones that are most interesting, offer something unique, or can be really handy. All of them are free to download on Play Store, but please note that some of them offer in-app purchases; even if they offer them, all apps can be used fully without spending a dime. Do you have your new favorites, or just want to let us know that some killer new app isn’t present on this list? If the answer is yes, fell free to let us know in the comment section bellow. Thanks for reading and expect a new list of best new Android Apps in about a month.

Goran has a B.A in psychology, but never really went that road. He likes everything about video games, technology, Sci-Fi and science. Freelancing for almost a year, he tries to bring his readers something interesting and engaging every time.

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