Apple’s Nike+ Watch Launches this October

Here’s a word about tech stuff launching in October 2016. Apple’s Nike+ Watch is going to be launched on the 28th of this month. Two different variety will be available in four colored band options while the standard of casing will be kept the same across both offers.

Apple previewed its upcoming Nike+ Watch during the September 7 event and later in Apple—Don’t Blink video (below). Now October 28th finally comes as a launch date and we will see how the mash-up between the tech and sports company really works out.

Nike+ Watch is actually the Apple Watch Series 2 that will wear the sports company’s signature design and a breathable wristband, which will hold the gadget piece of square display we have seen in Apple watches before.


The all-new Nike+ Watch will be available in 4 colors including black, gray, silver, and yellow. The cases are standard in both offers while the according to the size, 38mm casing is priced at $369 while the 42mm version will be available for $399.

Apple’s Nike+ Watch is an effort to pull revenues from gadget market other than iPhones. The wrist watches have sold in the past but the tech company can’t seem to make one more product as groundbreaking as its smartphone series.

Muhammad Waqas
Muhammad Waqas
Muhammad Waqas is an active technology journalist and news writer. He keeps his readers entertained with the hot and happening in the world of innovations and delivers the latest news as it breaks.

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