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Apple to Finally Contributing to Open Source with its AI Research

Apple is joining hands with open source community by publishing its AI research, from where it will be accessible to artificial intelligence researchers. The tech giant has been the most cut-off member of the technology sector as iPhone’s operating system, Siri’s secret’s and encryption technologies had been kept away from the general public.

As Microsoft finally acceded to the mother of all open source ideas: Linux, tables are turning in the favor of open source community. All thanks to Android that proved everyone’s contribution matters to the overall technological evolution. Apple finally learned it and now it’s going to break the old ‘secretive’ tradition by publishing AI findings of its researchers.


While Apple’s state of the art encryption technology and iOS will remain behind the curtains, the artificial intelligence that makes iPhone’s Siri work will be open sourced in bits. According to the company, the purpose is to help attract and retain talent in the artificial intelligence industry and bring key talent to the mainstream channels.

By mainstream channels, we mean huge technology companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon  and their respective products like Siri, Home, Cortana, and Alexa. Researchers  and analysts from the heart of a company’s strategy and make valuable predictions that can help the group re-imagine the situation.

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