Android Things is a Bake Factory for Google Home and Beyond

What is Android Things and how it is a baking factory for Amazon’s Echo rival Google Home? In a short term answer, the Things is the Google Search in the physical objects around our home, it is the next level of where organization means not only access to information but its manipulation as well. Home appliances will not only understand us, they will obey as well.

It is interesting how the tech giant organized random internet information into an organized simply by ranking the websites. The idea of a central smart home device first came from Amazon in the form of the Echo and its virtual assistant Alexa. Google was quick to follow the suit by introducing Google Home powered by Google Assistant.

Android Things is arriving just at the right time when the smart home competition is just waking up as Microsoft HomeHub is on the way. But the big G is already thinking way ahead by creating a unified platform for all your questions and commands. Google Home could become a one-stop destination where its smart assistant is everywhere; in your phone, home, devices, and searches.

What is Android Things?

Simply put, it is an operating system of Internet of Things, which just got its name rebranded. Previously, it was known as Brillo first previewed at CES 2015, where it couldn’t get much public attention until now. Of course, there will be modifications by add “the same developer tools as standard Android.”

What Android Things could operate via Google Home?

Google Hardware Revolution Google Home
Google Home

Internet of Things… all of them. I’d love to create a list but if you have ever been to Kickstarter, you’d realize that new IoTs are in the making in various stages from scratchboard to mass-production. So you have to suffice with printers, locks, ovens, light bulbs, power outlets, automated curtains, TV, video theaters, fans, music systems, timers, coffee machine, toaster… Stop!


Predictions with Android Things

The Future
The Future Horizon

A bake factory for Google Home means the ever-evolving system of personalization. With so much data, the Assistant will learn your habits well enough to predict your behavior over the years, and one day you could get surprised as you will look at your watch, thinking that it’s time for your favorite TV show and the next thing you know, the TV is turned on without you having to say anything. Well, what would you say? Thank you, Google.

This is possible when you allow an AI program to learn so much about you. If it has access to your emails, messages, photos, and videos; via Android Things your speakers, security cameras, and routers; the smart assistant will begin to see the pattern that you don’t realize you have. It is a behavior in nature that everyone is forced to comply unless aware bodies see them.

There’s always pattern in your speech (voice search, in how you write/type words (text/word recognition), in your walking style(IoT: Security cam), in frequency you watch time (IoT: Android Wear), in the softness/hardness of your voice (IoT: Mic), in the way you want to listen (IoT: speakers) and the list goes on. We create new Internet of Things and back and forth they share information about patterns in behaviors. Connected devices are many ways the same things as connected information, the pieces that we are missing. Believe it, as a Man you are predictable.

Fun Fact: Android spawning Androids

Man created android and android is spawning off into Android Things. We have senses for input, motor organs for output; both combined provide very limited functions but the fact that we are using the available natural tools to command artificial ones remotely, proves we can enhance our capabilities just by restructuring everything around us into a more organized configuration. The result: comfort, piece, less time and effort, more work. Again goes on and on.

But let’s take our role out of the picture for a second and concentrate on what’s really happening without us being the center. Android as an open source platform is creating an open opportunity for amazing possibilities, including the possibility that one day the system could develop into a high-functioning artificial intelligence and become self-sustaining.

Ignoring the negative side (which I will answer in a later article), the bright side offers the world in which we don’t eventually have to move a finger. You readers out there even don’t have to worry about it. Good people like Primus Dax and many others are already working on human brain interface that could one day translate our thoughts as inputs.

Android Things and WetWare

Bee Vs. Drones
Machine Vision: Bee vs Drones

How far is that reality anyway? Well, I have learned using WetWare Language we could experience the full range of sensory stimulation in real time and it “is universal across species.” Android Things here feels like a minuscule benefit, imagine experiencing the thought and feelings of a dear when he is looking directly into your eyes, seeing what bee sees and sitting in your office sensing what your dog is smelling a fragrance a mile away from your home.


All of us should hope for a better future, so some of us can believe hard enough and some will eventually be motivated to make it happen. The tools of human progress were always with us, we just need to connect things, and pass on dreams and ideas to the right people. Technology is expanding and shrinking on us all the times, like particles behave as waves, we need to capture the perfect moment and force it to behave as particles and objects that can benefit us.

In Android Things, I see a milestone step in the revolution of technology and given that it is open source, many idea people will show interest. Google Home is just a product we just buy and sell, progress Internet of Things is the bigger picture that we have to paint not only beautifully but carefully as well because our mistakes can get out of control and IoTs will be blamed for the negative outcome.

Disclaimer: Some part of the articles emphasized the influence the new OS and its advantages to the Google Home, but Android Things will only work in IoTs which does include Android Wear of other non-connected Google gadgets.

Muhammad Waqas
Muhammad Waqas
Muhammad Waqas is an active technology journalist and news writer. He keeps his readers entertained with the hot and happening in the world of innovations and delivers the latest news as it breaks.

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