Amazing Construction Technology- Changing The Way We Build

Isn’t it just amazing how machines are replacing traditional methods to speed up any type of work in every aspect of our lives? They don’t get tired, get things done faster and are very good at multitasking. So here some ways new construction technology machines have changed the way the building process works.

Wall Building Machine

Wall building machine- Construction Technology

This machine may not seem super-fast, but it builds wall faster than human beings, with pinpoint accuracy. The wall building machine’s main functional component is its robotic hand, which works together with a cement dispenser. It automatically picks up the bricks, applies cement to it in just the right quantity and places the brick on the wall with high precision aided by a laser positioning system. The only process that takes time is implementing this piece of construction technology in the beginning.

Automatic Wall Rendering Machine

Wall rendering machine-Construction Technology

Rendering cement on the wall is a painstakingly long process that is carried out only by the hands of expert masons. Even after applying the initial coat, the workers have to go to individual sections over and over again to make sure the rendering is completely flat and in balance. But that job has been very simplified by this automatic wall rendering machine.

All we have to do is take up the equipment, assemble it and fill the machine with material. The rendering machine glides up and down, every time applying a smooth, uniform layer of cement without leaving any gaps at the corners towards the floor or on the ceiling. In each cycle, it covers one-meter wide section of the wall, which is fully served in just one minute. Awesome!

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Bric 35 Cortag: Wall Cutter

brick cutting machine- Construction Technology

Cutting walls for electronic wiring or plumbing system is a tedious job if you are hammering or grinding to carve your way into them. Nowadays, construction technology has changed the way workers do their job. Meet Brick 35 by Cortag, a wall cutting machine that smoothly cuts through walls to make channels for fitting various types of pipes. It can drill all types of canals into the wall in a hassle-free manner, including curves ones. It is a nice piece of time-saving construction technology.

TopMix Permeable: Permeable Concrete System

Permeable road system- Construction Technology

During floods, water overflowing sewerage and collects on streets, parking, driveways, and walkways, which not only the traffic but also devastates houses as well. The draining system cannot be improved any further, there has to be some advanced material for such situations. That’s when Tarmac comes to the rescue. Topmix Permeable is a fast draining concrete pavement that rapidly absorbs water and has the capacity to drink away 4000 liters waters drained in 60 seconds. It can greatly help solve the issue of overflowing flood water, but we still have to see its application on a wider level.

Road Printer: Bricklayer Paving Machine

roadprinter bricklayer paving -Construction Technology

Roadprinter by RP Systems is a state of the art pavement building machine that lays a sheet of bricks in a designated path, without the workers having to touch the ground. Although the huge equipment is still passing through its concept phases, it is a fast and convenient solution for the pavers.

The machine itself is powered by batteries that last an entire week on a single charge. Workers stand on the top of the machine, feeding the bricks into its bricklayer-forming chamber, which slowly slips down its plate and eventually falls on the ground which is previously leveled out. The entire length of the pavement is laid out in an unbroken column with a uniform width, the things we are doing with construction technology is really helping the workload!

So here are some amazing construction technologies for making, rendering and cutting the walls, making a flood-proof concrete system and paving away future footpaths. Hopefully, you took a good dose of learning something new, but we will be back with more technological innovations.

Muhammad Waqas
Muhammad Waqas
Muhammad Waqas is an active technology journalist and news writer. He keeps his readers entertained with the hot and happening in the world of innovations and delivers the latest news as it breaks.

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