Advanced Technology For Business – 11 Small Business Modern Technologies

It does not matter how small or big your business is, you will need to use advanced technology for business to increase your business efficiency and expand your business operations. We have many types of business technologies, but due the increasing pressure and competition in the business world, you will need to use advanced business technologies to gain competitive advantage in your business niche.

These advanced business technologies are classified into two types; (1) Advanced Software for business (2) Advanced Hardware Technology for Business.

To a large extent, many small businesses are using newly advanced business software to solve various business problems and tasks. Business software differs in functionality, some of the most popular used business software include; accounting software, Planning software, Time tracking software, Customer management software, Business Intelligence Software, Human resource management software, Inventory software and Supply chain management software.

You don’t have to worry about the cost of this software; it is quite affordable and in many cases you will get a 30day free trial to test drive the features of any business software.

Unlike hardware technology which requires training of employees to use it, business software always comes with demo videos and a help section to teach you how to use it, this will save you both money and time. Some of the most common advanced business hardware technologies used in a small business include, computers, smartphones, tablets, wireless printers, 3D printers, cloud data storage devices, 4g Internet Modems, and so much more. Today I have compiled for you a list of advanced technologies for business; this list includes both business software and hardware technologies for business.

Top Advanced Software for Business to Improve Your Business Efficiency:

  1. 1.     Intacct – ”Business Accounting Software”

Improve your accounting department with this cloud accounting software and web based financial management software. It will improve your business efficiency and performance, you will have more time to focus on other business activities and let this software solve your accounting problems. Many small businesses with small teams of 5-20 employees prefer simple entry level programs like QuickBooks, but this advanced Business Accounting Software will handle high end accounting tasks, it improves automation, it provides more robust security, it is cloud based, meaning you will have the freedom of working from anywhere and also be in position to access your financial details on the go. Intacct Business Accounting Software can support different accounting applications and these include, core accounting, time and expenses, revenue management, project accounting, order and billing , purchasing, multi-currency management, financial reporting and global consolidation. If you own a small business and you want to improve on your business efficiency and accounting department, try out Intacct Business Accounting Software. Learn more here….. 

  1. 2.       BOARD – Business Intelligence Software

Take your business intelligence and performance to the next step with Board Business Intelligence Software. The combination of Business Intelligence (BI) with Corporate Performance Management (CPM) will help you make quick business decisions. You will also be in position to monitor all business activities and performance. It comes with an easy to use end-user interface which will allow users to build all types of analysis dashboards using drag and drop tools. Users can configure the BOARD Management Intelligence Toolkit to suit their needs. BOARD (BI) Software comes with a robust toolkit which includes a highly scalable database, a client and web user interface, data reading and integration (ETL) and a highly secure multi-tier architecture. If you combine all these tools into a single framework, the system will become powerful and less complex. Try out this BOARD – Business Intelligence Software and see if it can improve your business performance. Learn more from here…

  1. 3.       Nextiva – Business VoIP Software

Simplify your business communication environment with Nextivia Business VoIP phone systems. Easy business communication facilitates the flow of information with and outside the organization or business, and this will accelerate the decision making process with in a business or organization. Nextiva Business VoIP Software is designed for both small and big organizations, Nextiva – Business VoIP comes with a robust package which includes tools necessary for improving your business communication, some of the tools you will need include; caller ID, advanced call routing, conference phones, mobile integration, auto attendant, Unified Inbox for Voice Messages, call recording, call manager dashboard and so much more. You can use Nextiva for incoming and outgoing calls in your business. Learn more about Nextiva – Business VoIP Software from here…..

  1. 4.       Salesforce – Customer Management Software

From today, you can connect to your loyal customers in an advanced new way. We have different types of CRM software on the market, but has proved to be the best Customer Management Software. Saleforce will help you increase customer engagement, increase productivity, boost win rates and revenue. Using their cloud Customer Management Software, you will have the ability to engage with your customers from anywhere which will help you close big deals while on the go. Salesforce mobile app can be used in sales management, marketing automation, partner relationship management and customer service. If all these are combined, you will be in position to track sales, monitor campaigns and also manage customer accounts. They also have a social media application which can be used to manage and monitor your social media presence on top social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Learn more about SalesForce from here….

  1. 5.       Brightpearl – Business Management Software

Improve your business performance and efficiency with this advanced Business Management Software. BrightPearl cloud based software is used by retailers to manage inventory and customer orders in real-time. If you plan to expand your business online and reach more buyers, BrightPearl will be of use during this process of business expansion, BrightPearl software will allow you to create as many financial channels and monitor their performance using an easy-to-use dashboard. So as a small retailer, what else can BrightPearl do for you? – It will help you take payments online, you will be in position to see profit and cash flow projections, get a real insight on how your company performs and so much more.. BrightPearl also comes with a Customer Relationship Management feature which will manage your customer’s records in one section. Learn more about Brightpearl Business Management Software from here….

  1. 6.      ComVibe – Property Management Software

combvibe is known as one of the best property management cloud software which helps property owners improve on their performance and efficiency. Managers can easily access service performance, spot new business opportunities through data analytics. ComVibe will cut down your maintenance costs, administrative overhead which will increase your team’s productivity. With ComVibe, you can manage the entire maintenance process online and eliminate paper, faxes and phone calls. Your residents can submit and check status of requests using any device, residents can also be in position to exchange messages with your team. So, if you deal in real estate and management business, try out this ComVibe Property Management Software. Learn more from here…

  1. 7.      GuestPoint – Hotel Management Software

If you deal in accommodation business, you will need to use cutting edge software to manage your customers and other related business tasks. GuestPoint is a complete hotel management software, however it can also be used in accommodation related businesses like motels, boutique inns, spas, resorts, back packers, hostels, mining camps and bed & breakfast accommodations. Some of the key features of GuestPoint Include; Customer history tracking, Tracking of competitor rates, Creating Online Booking Pages, Manage individual and group reservations, Create Facebook Booking Page, Manage travel agents and commission, Create Mobile booking pages and so much more. Improve the efficiency of your accommodation and hotel business with GuestPoint software, learn more here……

  1. 8.       The Resumator – Human Resource Management Software

Big organizations and growing businesses, need to hire more people to accomplish different business tasks. The Resumator software will help you manage and hire new employees online. The Resumator comes with many desired features and these include, tracking of applicants using a simple user friendly interface, manage communication with all applicants using a single interface, it also comes with a built-in email client which will enable you send messages to applicants. You can also take advantage of top social networks like facebook by publishing a fully-integrated Facebook job board. Learn more about The Resumator – Human Resource Management Software from here…

  1. 9.       Box – Project Management and Collaboration Software

Increase the productivity of your employees and team by sharing projects using the most advanced collaboration cloud software. Users can easily share files online, all you have to do is to create a project folder and upload files on a specific project, then give access to each member of your team to that folder, these files can be edited by any member of your team so each and every member of your team will be active. Since the software is hosted on Box’s cloud servers, your team will have the freedom of working from anywhere and this will increase on their performance. You can even collaborate more with your team by commenting on each file and discuss more about each project as a team. Learn more about Box Project Collaboration software from here……


Advanced Hardware Technologies For Business:

  1. 10.   HP ElitePad

Tablets have become essential business gadgets, however HP has decided to design an advanced tablet for business, the HP ElitePad is a tablet for business people. You can perform all kinds of business tasks using this advanced tablet. This premium thin and light Windows 8 tablet will allow you to do just about everything on instant. You can create business documents, perform video calls, access your financial documents, and keep your data safe with HP Client security and HP BIOS protection software. It has a 10.1 display touch screen which will let you perform multiple tasks on instant.  Learn more about this advance HP ElitePad for business from here…….

  1. 11.   myIDKEY:

You should always protect your business data and personal files using this advanced password storage device. Since you manage various business accounts both online and offline, chances are high that you will forget these passwords, so you will need a device which can manage all your passwords, to activate this device, you need to use your finger print and all your passwords will be available. So if your worried of losing this myIDkey device or misplacing it, the device will easily deactivate its self once some one tries to access it , so no one will be in position to access your passwords. Learn more about myIDkey password protector from here….. 

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