5 Current Technologies That Will Change Our Lives

Technology is made to make our daily life simple,. so as the world develops, our demands and tests for technology change, that means that tech companies should always tailor new technologies which can reach peoples expectations and demands.  Technology is used in almost every business sector and daily human activities. No matter which age , gender or race, you will need to use technology for communication , use it for transportation, use it in production , use it for entertainment , use it for learning and much more… ”Learn more on the Use of Technology in our daily lives …… ”

However, most of the modern technology we have today is just an advancement of old technology we used to have in the past. For example , electric trains have replaced the steam engine trains , smart phones have replaced the ordinary mobile phones , tablet PC’s’ are replacing ordinary laptops ,  4G broadband internet is replacing 3G internet , Clouding computing is replacing virtual or dedicated sever hosting and much more. But their also some new inventions like the Google Glass , Electric Cars, Automatic Driven Cars , 3D printers  to mention but a few.

Below I have listed 5 Current Technologies That Will Change Our Lives

(1)    Smart Phones:  Mobile phone technology has advanced, now we have many smart phones to choose from and they come at an affordable price.  A smart phone is more like a small computer in your hands, these phones can perform basic tasks you would have done using a computers. Most of them have features like touch screens which makes them unique and easy to use , they have 3G / 4G Wifi connectivity which enables users to surf the web easily and download music or make video calls , they come with a big memory of about 1 – 18bGB , an extreme Megapixel camera which can capture a photo in a 3D format , they can come with a user friendly operating system like ”Android / Window or iOS , which can allow you to install applications of your interests. So they totally make our lives easier.

Use: They make communication easier and also allow us access information faster. Then for students they use smart phones in M-Learning

Current Technologies


(2)    4G Broadband Router: Every internet user dreams of having a very fast internet to enable them to business on a speed of light also live stream videos , play music , download software and books on instant. Time is a very important factor in our lives, so the invention of 4G broadband will enable you do things faster on internet.  This ULTRA WIFI 4G modem is just the a tool which can be used to transmit fast internet from your current internet provider (that is if they support 4G).This internet router has 110 MBps of download speed and 10 Mbps up on Advanced extended Global Platform (AXGP) 4G ,it can support up to 10 users and these users can use it to share files across the network using an in build microSDXC.

Current Technologies

(3)    New iPad Mini: The iPad mini  has finally come the market. APPLE has a reputation of creating classic electronic gadgets. This mini iPad is slim and portable compared to the other tablets. Since technology has to be designed to solve problems, it has to be user friendly as well, so all this is summed up in this iPad mini tablet. By design, it has an aluminum cover and a glass enclosure. It’s size is only 7.9 – inch screen  , its display is a bit larger so that a user can have a clear visual effect as they enjoy the functionality of the tablet For detailed specification go to Apple Store ..  A portable tablet like this one can simplify the way we access information, it comes with all relevant applications and also users can install their own application. It is compatible with 4G technologies so you can use it for E- learning of video streaming.

Current Technologies

(4)    Cloud Computing:  Apple iCloud services are far the best as compared to other cloud hosting service. The main function of these cloud hosting services is to store big data files and allow users to stream them live in time. Cloud hosting is very fast compared to dedicate hosting. Users can store their files on Apple’s iCloud and these files can include important documents, music, movies , and other important files. This service will allow you to access your data from anywhere using internet and tablets or Smart phones. Related services can include Google Docs , Drop Box , Amazon Cloud which is being used by most online companies . Cloud services are more secure compared to dedicated servers, so your files will be 80% secure on a cloud service.

Current Technologies

(5)    Facebook: To some this might sound like old technology, but the truth is that facebook keeps on advancing the  its technology . The main use of facebook is to connect people with their old friends and also enable them discover new relationships. This makes the platform essential to our lives and we shall always use it. Their arguments that one day people will find an alternative to Facebook , but the rate at which new users are jumping on the network, proves that even the new generation will use the same platform. User’s tests and expectations keep on changing and it is very important for a business to listen to its customers so that they can tailor their service basing on customers needs, and this is what Facebook has done and will keep doing which will make it a future technology needed by both individuals and businesses.

Current Technologies

Their so many current technologies i have not mentioned in this article, but I’m sure that we shall need use these five technologies in our lives for a long period. You can add more technologies on this list as you wish.

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