3 Cool Tech Products To Help You Sleep

Admit it, you love all sorts of cool gadgets and gizmos in your home, as they provide assistance to our lives and look awesome in the process. Today, we’re going to check out products for one specific place in the house: the bedroom. Many experts cite technology such as smartphones, tablets, and TVs as hugely detrimental to look at before bed, and that ideally, every technological item should be removed from a room designed for sleep. But funnily enough, there is also a wealth of useful tech items that can actually assist us in getting a good night’s sleep.

So, if you’ve really not been sleeping well lately for whatever reason, see if any of the following items could be your savior.


Combined with an app, the Neuroon is a sleeping mask that is said to not only help the wearer fall asleep faster, but also wake up with more vigor. As well, its Jet Lag Blocker feature uses “light therapy” to help the effects of traveling overseas and adjusting to a different time zone. It might be a bit pricey for some at $299, but it could be worth trying it out if all else fails. Although it’s not really a feature to help you sleep as such, the Neuroon mask does have a section in the app to help with lucid dreaming, which is essentially having a conscious dream.


2. Homedics

Apparently, sounds between 40 and 70 decibels are said to keep us awake at night, so even a dripping faucet or a radio from a neighbor’s apartment have the potential to annoy those trying to sleep. However, the old adage of “fight fire with fire” rings true here, as a device called the Deep Sleep from Homedics (around $90) supposedly masks sounds by emitting low pulsing hums and tones. These can assist the brain into a sleepy state and cover up any irritating noises.

Bonus tip

It’s also worth a quick mention that tech involving wires and electricity isn’t necessarily the only answer to getting to sleep at night. Practicing yoga, drinking chamomile tea, or simply reading a book or magazine before bed are all things that many people say have allowed them to sleep easier. A good mattress might be an option too, as constant back or neck pain courtesy of a hand-me-down mattress is enough to make anyone unable to get 40 winks. A memory foam option from Eve is worth a look if you think your sleep problems can’t be solved by gadgetry.

3. NightWave

This is a somewhat upgraded version of counting sheep. The Nightwave Sleep Assistant basically works by projecting a calming and pulsing blue light onto the ceiling, which we’re told can draw your attention from any sleep-distracting thoughts, as well as demonstrating a peaceful breathing pattern. It looks like a sweet and simple little gadget, and one that doesn’t cost so much at around $50.

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