16 Examples of Technology – Incredible Gadgets for 2013 You Might Like

Everyday we see new types of technology on the market, this technology is created to simplify our daily lives. Our demands as consumers of technology are endless, everyday people are getting addicted to using technology to accomplish simple tasks. Technology is used in business, education, communication, healthcare, entertainment and so much more.

Some people think that technology is the same as science, but the fact remains that technology is different from science. In brief, technology is human made while science is not human made, it is based on nature and facts.

Today, on UseofTechnology, i want us to learn about different examples of technology, on this list of technologies, i will describe how each of these technologies works. You can contribute on this list by using the commenting box below.


  1. 1.   Self Balancing Electric Unicycle:

This is an advanced transportation technology which will help you commute to your workplace in style and dodge that endless traffic jam. It is a one wheel unicycle which is light and well balanced; you can easily carry it in your briefcase. Riding this Self Balancing Electric Unicycle is very easy, the rider will need to place their feet on its two folding feet pads and the gyroscopic sensors will detect a rider’s subtle feet movement. It comes with a rechargeable battery which can be full in just 3 hours. This is one of the best examples of technology in the transportation sector. When it comes to pricing, you will spend as much as $2,700 for this Unicycle. Learn more here……

  1. 2.     The Long Reach Lotion Applicator

Women, you will agree with me, that there are some parts of your body your hands can’t reach, so if you want to apply lotion or cream to those areas, you will definitely fail. Now all that is a story of the past, technology has advanced how you apply lotion / cream to those unreachable body parts, you can use this ”Long Reach Lotion Applicator”. It stores lotion and applies it to hard-to-reach areas.

So how does this Long Reach Lotion Applicator work?

  • It has a removable attached head which is ideal for applying lotion / cream to your back without any assistance.
  • This attached head can store up-to five types of lotion / cream, so you don’t have to refill it all the time.
  • It has 17 smooth rolling polypropylene balls that roll smoothly on the back.

Learn more about this Long Reach Lotion Applicator from here……

  1. 3.  Single Handed Barber

I wonder if I will ever go to my favorite barber anymore, because this Single Handed Barber can trim hair evenly in any direction, so if i want to have a clean cropped hair cut style, I just use this Single Handed Barber. You can adjust the height of the trimmer; it has a simple ergonomic design which ensures that the gadget fits well in your hands. This Single Handed Barber has a rechargeable battery which provides 5 minutes hair cuts. Learn more about this cool technology for men from here…


  1. 4.   Dog Activated Outdoor Fountain

On a hot day, your dog will need adequate amount of water. Many times we forget that a dog needs water just like us, if a dog has a thicker coat, you will find that it will need too much water to rehydrate itself.  This Dog Activated Outdoor Fountain will automatically dispense water when a dog gets close to it, so you don’t have to worry about attending to your dog all the time. Once a dog gets used to this Dog Activated Outdoor Fountain, it will always help out its self. When the pet leaves, the fountain will switch off its self. So technology is now simplifying how pets get access to water. This is a very essential gadget every pet owner should have. Learn more about this Dog Activated Outdoor Fountain from here……

  1. 5.    The Transparent Canoe Kayak

Entertainment technology is getting advanced everyday, this Transparent Canoe Kayak is cool, you will feel like your actually floating on water, imagine seeing everything below you. This The Transparent Canoe Kayak has adjustable paddlers which sit lower to the deck, creating a better balance, its adjustable seats can allow paddlers to stretch their legs, it has a light weight aluminum frame and an oval back and front making it easy to cut through big water waves. When it comes to pricing, you will spend as much as $1900, it is quite expensive, but if you love luxury and want to try out something new, then this Transparent Canoe Kayak will do the magic. Learn more here…..

  1. 6.   Home HeartCheck

The use of technology in healthcare is on the rise, today, we have all types of gadgets which can be used to monitor our health. For those who are worried about their total heart health, this Home HeartCheck will be of great use to you. It is fast and accurate, i personally recommend you to have this gadget at home, after role it costs only $279, cheaper than what you might pay if you go to a health care expert. If you can’t interpret the readings on this device, you can easily send them to your physician via the internet and they will help you out. This Home HeartCheck is portable, so you can always read your heart rate if you see any funny health symptom like fainting, dizziness, shortness of breath and so much more…….Learn more about this Home HeartCheck from here…..

  1. 7.    The Only Read And Write iPad Flash Drive

Tablets and smartphones have become essential gadgets for both business people and students. Since we do most of our work on these mobile technologies, you will need a device to help you transfer data from these devices. This Read And Write iPad Flash Drive will allow you to transfer data from or to your ipad or iphone. It comes with 16GB of storage space, it has quite enough space for your documents, photos, music, software and so much more. It also comes with a mobile app which will allow you to transfer contacts and documents less than 10Mb and back them directly in the cloud. When it comes to pricing, you will spend only $169.95 for this Read And Write iPad Flash Drive. Learn more here…..

  1. 8.     The 30 Day Lantern:

Do you love camping?, if yes, then you will need this The 30 Day Lantern. It will provide you with  up to 30 days of reliable light. It uses only three batteries but its 1.4 watts LEDs consume less energy than traditional bulbs, this lantern can produce 300 lumens of bright light, so you will feel safe while in the camp. You can use its built-in hook to hung the lantern anywhere. This 30 Day Lantern is small in size which makes it easy to carry. Not necessarily that you need it for camping holidays only, you also need to use it as a spare source of light just in-case a hurricane hits your area. Learn more about this The 30 Day Lantern from here…..

  1. 9.    The Hand Reflexology Massager

You might not have the time to go to a reflexology expert, but that does not mean that you can not have a hand reflexology massage when you need one. This Hand Reflexology Massager is a device which applies gentle smoothing massage to your hands. It is very easy to use, all you have to do is to insert your hand in the machine and switch it on. It uses a mechanical air pressure system to compress and massage both the top and bottom of your hand. Business people who have stress issues will find this technology very useful, because you can have a relaxing hand reflexology while in the office, it will relieve pain and discomfort in your hands. Learn more about this Hand Reflexology Massager from here…..

  1. 10.                     Wireless Key Finder

It is very easy to misplace or lose your keys. Save your self from this inevitable human error with this wireless key finder. It is very easy to use, all you have to do is press the ”Find key button”, when a key is located, the device will make a loud clear alarm. This device can locate keys up to 60 feet away. It comes with a user manual to teach you how to connect it to your keys. When it comes to pricing, you will spend only $49.99. It is quite affordable and it will save you time when you lose your key. Learn more about this wireless key finder from here…….

  1. 11.                     Big Blue™ Live Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Improve your workplace environment with this wireless bluetooth speaker. You can work for longer hours if you listen to cool inspiring music, but you need to use a speaker which puts out the best sound. You can easily stream music from any bluetooth enabled device, for example, you can stream music from your Smartphone and share it with friends at your workplace. This Big Blue™ Live Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is very easy to connect, you simply pair it once and it will connect automatically to any Bluetooth enabled device around it. Learn more about this cool technology from here…….

  1. 12.                      The Sleep Assisting Music Headband

If you find it difficult to get asleep, i suggest you try listening to soft music while on the bed, i have practically tried this trick, and it works. So get rid of those sleeping pills with side effects, soft music can help you sleep. This Sleep Assisting Music Headband is very easy to wear, it is soft and it has built-in headphones which makes it easy to listen to music while falling asleep. You don’t have to wear bulky headphones or ear buds, this stretchy headband will stay in position the all night, so you will sleep like a baby. It has flat speakers which are placed inside the band and they provide 20 Hz to 20 kHz frequency range. Learn more about this Sleeping Assisting Music Headband from here…..

  1. 13.                      The Wireless iPad USB Flash Drive

This is a cool gadget for both students and business people. You can easily stream your business documents or music / video & photographs from this Wireless iPad USB Flash Drive to your iPad. This wireless USB can automatically share files wirelessly so you don’t need to waste your valuable time docking your iPad with a computer. It can be recharged from any computer and it requires no software. Simply turn on your bluetooth function on your ipad and start streaming files on-instant. If you want to transfer photos from your digital camera, simply insert the SD card from your digital camera into the wireless USB then stream these pictures via the iPad. When it comes to cost, you will spend around $199.95. Not too expensive, yet the gadget is very useful. For details, go here….


  1. 14.                         Motorized CD/DVD Repair and Cleaning System

No-matter how entertainment technology advances, their some things we shall never stop using. Today we have cloud based music hosting devices which can save you from the trouble of losing your favorite hits on scratched CD / DVDs, but still we keep on using these CDs/ DVDs. So, this CD/DVD Repair and Cleaning System will help you clean dust from those scratched DVDs. It repairs and cleans scratched CDs / DVDs without losing data. It uses a motorized repair process which will smoothen the surface and remove all scratches on a DVD / CD. Music lovers, you will need this cool technology. Learn more about this CD/DVD Repair and Cleaning System from here….

  1. 15.                     The Over the Ear Book Light

Do you love reading books or novels, if yes, then this Over the Ear Book Light will be of good use to you. It is a cordless hands-free book light which gives you the freedom of reading your book or novel without any interruption. It’s reversible earpiece will hook gently on your ear and the light will move with your head, targeting light to the exact page and paragraph your reading. This Over the Ear Book Light will provide you with a clear white light for over 100,000 hours. I recommend this gadget to all students. When it comes to pricing, you will spend only $24.95 for this cool Over the Ear Book Light. Learn more here……

  1. 16.                        The Wireless Page To TV Magnifier

Educational technology is getting much simpler and user friendly, look at this Wireless Page To TV Magnifier, it eliminates the problem of reading small text. This is one of the best educational technologies. Some times I wish this technology was out by the time I was still in school. So, parents, if you want your kids to use that Television for educational purposes, buy them this wireless page top TV Magnifier. It is very easy to use, simply move the mouse over any text you want to read, and then the device will show the text in a wider format saving you from stretching your eyes. The gadget has a LED inside the scanner which will ensure that scanned text is bright on the TV screen. Learn more about this Wireless Page To TV Magnifier from here…..

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